Frequently asked questions

are you a japanese restaurant?

no, our cuisine is based on the gastronomic offer from the far east: japan, china, thailand, vietnam etc... although it is true that currently we do make more japanese and chinese food: it will change as we acquire more gastronomic knowledge about other asian countries cuisines.

do you have tables?

yes, we have two spaces with tables: the first one is the terrace (outside) and the second one is the dos palillos table (inside), with a capacity of 8 to 10 people.

are children welcome?

absolutely! if you like the asian food, no problem, but remind that the tasting menu is for the whole table.

do you have a set menu at lunchtime?

yes, we have a lunchtime menu for 25€ per person, that includes an appetizer, three courses, dessert and coffee at the tapas bar, and a different menu for 45€ per person (without drinks) at asian bar). these menus are only for mid-week, thursday and friday

do you accept bookings for groups?

yes, and with a set menu.

does elBUlli or ferran adrià have anything to do with dos palillos?

albert raurich´s partner in dos palillos is camper, however the truth is that the project was thought from elBulli and it has been carried out with ferran adrià's help and support.

how long does it take to eat?

it depends on your choise: if you choose a tasting menu it will take you approximately 2,5 hours, but if you choose an assortment of individual tapas, it can take you 20, 25, 45... minutes.

if I don't like a dish from the menu, can I change it?

yes, we always ask to our customers if they have any allergy or intolerance, or if there are any specific products that they would prefer not eating.

where are you located?

in casa camper barcelona. when you are on plaza catalunya, walk down through the ramblas and the second street on your right is bonsuccés. half way down, this street changes its name to elisabets, we are at number 9.

if I drive there, where can I park my car?

we don´t have a private car park, however there are several car parks nearby: the one at macba, the one at la boqueria or the one at plaza catalunya are the biggest. you can see the map

what are your opening hours?

we open from thursdays to saturday and we close on sundays, mondays and tuesdays.
on thursdays we open from 7:30pm to 11:30pm.
on fridays and saturdays we are open from 1:30pm to 3:30pm and from 7:30pm to 11:30pm.

I've been told that you have four different spaces, what are the differences?

the asian bar is an interior bar located in front of the kitchen; the gastronomic offer is the tasting menu, except at lunchtime that you can also opt à la carte.

the tapas bar is a bar right at the entrance of the restaurant; is the most informal area of dos palillos where we work without reservation and where the offer is always à la carte.

the dos palillos table is the only table inside of the restaurant: it is a large table ideal for groups but also for sharing; as in the asian bar, the gastronomic offer is the tasting menu, except the noon that you can also opt for the menu.

the terrace is an exterior space with outdoor tables; Here also the gastronomic offer is the tasting menu, except at lunchtime that you can also opt à la carte.

see our spaces.

what is the average price in dos palillos?

with tasting menu the average price is about 100-120€ per person and à la carte it’s about 40-50€ per person.

do I need to book?

due to the high demand we have, we need reservation except at the tapas bar that works without it.